5 Proven Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Our lifestyles have changed over time. Bad posture, long work hours, unhealthy food habits have all led to having a negative impact on our body. One of the major issues that we face is prolonged back pain. It is a difficult experience and can act as a hindrance in all our daily activities.

Some possible reasons for back pain can be weight, lack of exercise, bad sitting posture, stress, sudden jerks due to heavy lifting etc. Some lifestyle changes that you can make in order to get rid of it are:

1. Maintain your body weight by eating healthy and exercising.

2. In case you have been sitting for a long period, walk for a minute or two.

3. Sit straight and avoid slouching.

4. In case you are lifting a heavy object, use correct techniques.

5. If you stretch to increase flexibility, make sure you do it properly. Incorrect form can increase pain and soreness.

This is not all. In case you are looking for quick relief and want to indulge in some yoga, there are some specific yoga poses that you may do to reduce your back pain. These exercises can be done anywhere and does not require any additional equipment. Just some peace of mind, a yoga mat and some determination and you are all set.

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