These Are the Abs Exercises You Should Skip if You Have Lower-Back Pain

If you've ever tried to do a core workout and realized midway through that your back is feeling things it shouldn't be feeling, you're not alone. For me, it's any abs move that asks me to sit up on my tailbone and move my legs, like rolling up and out of Boat pose in yoga. After a couple of reps, my back always hurts and I don't even feel any of that burning goodness in my abs.

What gives? Am I doing it wrong? Is my lower back just too weak? Should I be modifying the movement, or should I just stop? A strong core is important for supporting your whole body. From sitting upright in a chair, to simply standing, to running and lifting weights, we need the muscles in our core to stabilize our bodies throughout everything we do. Yet for some people, doing basic bodyweight abs exercises can cause lower-back pain or discomfort.

For obvious reasons, it's kind of tough to stick with any sort of ab-strengthening regimen if you just end up in pain. So I talked with some fitness experts to understand why this common problem happens, and what some of the potential solutions are.

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