This Is Not Your Average, Sugary Smoothie

Smoothies are all the rage. They've quickly become a full-blown, worldwide health trend. Billed as the healthy solution for your crazy, on-the-go, fast food lifestyle (while keeping your crazy, on-the-go, fast food lifestyle), green smoothies are seemingly everywhere.

Health claims floating around mainstream smoothies are not only misleading, but they can also be dangerous. Often consisting of 70 per cent sugar, and made with low-quality, high sugar fruits and fruit juices, these smoothies can contain upwards of 60 grams of sugar.

Fortunately, not all smoothies are unhealthy or dangerous -- in fact, green smoothies, when made with the correct vegetable to fruit ratio, along with healthy fats and plant proteins, not only provide greater nutrition than many common sit-down meals, but also serve as an easy, real-food alternative to many dubious prescription medicines. Find the recipe here>>

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