Cold water poured on ice baths as effective recovery for elite athletes

Ice baths, used by the All Blacks and other elite athletes, do "nothing" to fight muscle inflammation, according to a researcher from the University of Auckland.

A study published in the Journal of Physiology tested the assumption that cold water immersion reduces muscle inflammation, and was undertaken in part by researchers from University of Auckland. No data from humans was available to support the notion, so the researchers compared the effects of ice baths with active recovery.

"There's been increasing myths around the use of ice baths and other cold water treatments to the point where it's become pretty much standard for a lot of athletes... there's been very little analysis on what it actually does."

The research's abstract states "these findings indicate that cold water immersion is no more effective than active recovery for reducing inflammation or cellular stress in muscle after a bout of resistance exercise". Read all details here>>

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