The one 'supplement' athletes use that works

I try to play different mind games with myself when I work out. If I just make it to the next lamp post/song/kilometre, I can take a break, I tell myself. As I tire though, I find myself breaking my own deals, coming up with excuses and giving up on myself mentally when, theoretically, if Kev had a gun to my head, physically I could still achieve those goals.

People show that achieving the incredible and seemingly impossible are absolutely possible. But it requires, as a new article by Brad Stulberg, the author of Peak Performance, one "performance enhancer"; a performance enhancer that all athletes use and the only one that can give everyone results.

"Its benefits are most powerful in those who have put in solid training: It helps them fully express their fitness on race day, unlocking the last few percentage points of their potential," explains Stulberg in his NY Mag feature. "This supplement has even been used to enhance performance in contexts beyond sports.

"This supplement is belief." Read Here>>

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