Ice baths: helping or hindering your performance?

Many of us are fans of ice baths to shock the living daylight into us each day.

Tony Robbins starts each day with a 13-degree cold-water plunge because he believes it activates his body's immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems and that it "enhances the overall quality of your life"

Robins is not alone in believing that he is submersing himself in ice for the sake of his health. Many athletes including Andy Murray, Michael Phelps and LeBron James use them for post-exercise muscle recovery.

But they might save themselves the discomfort. According to a new study by researchers from Queensland University of Technology, ice baths do little to reduce post-exercise muscle inflammation.

The idea is that the cold reduces blood flow, promoting muscle repair by reducing inflammation. However, QUT's Dr Jonathan Peake said the evidence was not there to suggest it had the desired effect. Read here>>

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