Postural Dysfunction: 7 Common Routines In Modern Society That May Be Causing You Pain

When it comes to the subject of pain, our focus in today’s society is seemingly purely centered on finding instant relief. And in response, the medical industry is very quick to prescribe a painkiller, muscle relaxer or even surgery to provide you with that relief. Rarely do we search for the culprit for our discomfort, and hardly do we ever look towards routine actions as a possible underlying cause.

The main cause for myofascial discomfort, such as knots, tension pain, or upper/lower back pain is primarily either repetitive movement or prolonged immobility with poor posture. If a muscle, or a group of muscles, are held in an active state for too long, it eventually creates tension and the muscles continue to remain tight even in a relaxed posture. The daily routines alone are not necessarily harmful to our postural health, however the poor body mechanics we commonly use are. For this reason, most people may be surprised to learn that everyday routines in our lives may explain the overall state of our bad posture and the symptoms of pain that come along with them.

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