Direct Billing for Physiotherapy Services

LV Physiotherapy is happy to announce that they are able to direct bill the following insurance companies through eClaims at Telus Health

Telus Health Direct Billing Insurance Companies Physiotherapy
What to Bring:
  • Extended Healthcare Provider Card with your ID # / Policy #

  • If you have Secondary Coverage from a spouse / parent / etc.

  • The date of your accident / your current injuries

  • If you were referred by a physician bring your doctor’s note

  • You can fill out theses forms>> in advance to save time at your first visit.

LV Physiotherapy can also Direct Bill These Insurance Companies:

greenshield insurance physiotherapy services
SSQ Financial Insurance Physiotherapy treatment
bluecross insurance physiotherapy services
FAQ Direct Billing:

What if my plan only covers a percentage of my claims?

You are still eligible for direct billing. We are able to bill the allowed percentage of your treatment online. Please note that the remainder of your balance must be settled up at the end of your visit.

What if my claim is denied? 

If your direct billing claim is denied, we ask that your account balance is paid at the end of your visit. We will let you know if your claim was denied before you leave.

Other Methods of Payment Accepted at LV Physiotherapy:

payment methods lv physiotherapy rehabilitaton