Athletic Therapy

What is Athletic Therapy?

Certified Athletic Therapists are commonly recognized for their quick-thinking on-field emergency care of professional athletes. They are the first to respond when someone gets hurt on the field and are experts at injury assessment and rehabilitation. It is that same mix of on-site care and active rehabilitation skills that makes Athletic Therapists so effective in treating the musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, and joints) injuries of all Canadians, whether on the field or in the clinic.



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Athletic therapists adhere to the Sports Medicine Model of care. The Sports Medicine Model focuses on patient prevention, intervention, accurate diagnosis, research-based rehabilitation, and an active approach to recovery.

They treat a wide range of patients, from children with concussions to seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery, using various manual therapies, modalities, exercise prescription and even bracing and taping.


The treatment varies for each patient, but the objective remains the same: an Athletic Therapist's goal is to help clients return to their usual activities, whether you are competing at an elite level in sport or walking to a friends for a weekly visit

What is the difference between treatment from a Physiotherapist vs an Athletic Therapist?

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Although Certified Athletic Therapists and Physiotherapists are two distinct professional designations, there is truly little difference with regard to quality treatment.


Athletic therapists specialize and are focused solely on musculoskeletal disorders, while Physiotherapists have more scope with regards to neurological and cardiovascular health issues. Both designations focus on prevention of injury, proper assessments, acute and chronic injury management, as well as maintaining a high standard of professional responsibility.


Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists often work together, along with other healthcare professionals, to achieve a mutual goal: making you feel better and getting you back to a routine of enjoying your daily activities again.

Is Athletic Therapy covered by my health insurance provider?

Wondering if your insurance provider covers Athletic Therapy treatments? The providers below cover Athletic Therapy but we recommend calling your insurance to confirm coverage before receiving treatment. Please note this list is not comprehensive.

  • Great West Life

  • Standard Life

  • Blue Cross

  • Hockey Canada

  • Desjardin

  • Claim Secure

  • Sun Life

  • Reliable Life Insurance Co.

  • Manulife

  • Empire Life

  • Greenshield