LV Physiotherapy - Improving quality of life, facilitating active rehabilitation, and promoting pain-free functional mobility.

About LV Physiotherapy


LV Physiotherapy was founded by Physiotherapist Lisa Vandenberk. Strong motivators for opening her own practice include the increasing demands of an aging population and the need for more physiotherapy centers offering neurological rehabilitation. Individuals 65 years and older are the fastest growing population in the Niagara region and rates of disease and disability associated with aging are also sky rocketing.


There is an increased need for health promotion and wellness as well as secondary prevention in those living with chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Wait lists in hospitals for outpatient physiotherapy programs are climbing to over 2 years long. Inpatients are also being discharged home from hospitals sooner, leaving them with ongoing physiotherapy goals in the community. These influences, in addition to Lisa's passion for helping others and her desire for professional growth have motivated her to open LV Physiotherapy in St. Catharines, ON. 


Offering neurological active rehabilitation and orthopedic hands-on therapy specifically targeted to each client’s needs. Our mission is to provide effective treatment strategies so that clients can reach their goals sooner and get back to doing what they love to do. 

We aim to teach clients to take an active role by empowering them to become their own therapists and continue rehabilitation in their day to day lives.

We promote ongoing innovative learning for our employees. We provide professional freedom to be creative with treatment plans and flexible with treatment times. We aim to inspire personal gain through helping others and encourage professional growth to remain leaders in health care.


Improving quality of life, facilitating active rehabilitation, and promoting pain-free functional mobility

Core Values

Client-Centred Practice – our treatment plans are always developed with our client’s goals in mind.

Empathy – actively listening to our clients to fully understand and respect how they feel.

Best Practice – utilizing the most effective treatment approaches based on the best available evidence.

Innovation – continuously adapting our mission, vision, values and care model to best suit our clients’ needs.

Trust – developing trust between practitioner and patient through reliability, honesty and therapeutic competency.

Commitment – we are dedicated to offering the most optimal level of care for all of our clients.